About us

ENIKOM M has been established in the year of 2000. For 14 years our main priority is the creation of cosiness, harmony and beauty at a reasonable price. We are offering everything you need to feel welcome in your home - kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms for you and your children, accessories and decorations.  Our working engine is the satisfaction of our clients. Each customer receives everything they need - personal experience, specialist consultation and professionally made projects. We are also offering door-to-door delivery and installation of the goods that you have purchased. The quality of our products is essential element of our company and therefore we are the only one on the market that offers 3-year warranty on all of our furniture. In ENIKOM M stores you can find products of well established Bulgarian munufacturers as well as worldwide known brands.  The team of ENIKOM M is continuously searching ways to satisfy the needs of its clients. Throught these 11 years of work on the furniture market ENIKOM M is known for always understanding what each and every client needs and wants. 

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