Conditions for membership in the club Enikom

Terms of issue and use of membership cards Enikom M

This document governs the Terms of Issue and use of Enikom M Club Card, issued by "Enikom M" Ltd, registered in the Registry Agency under UIC 1300374058, with its registered office in the city of Sofia, Captain Dimitar Spisarevski 24  and mailing address in the city of Sofia, Captain Dimitar Spisarevski 24, hereinafter referred to as "issuers" that card will provide the other Contracting hereinafter referred to as "Cardholder".  Maps, subject to these Terms and Conditions, hereinafter referred to as "Map" or "Maps" are club cards, but not bank (credit or debit) card can be used for non-cash payments.


A.  Each map Enikom M, subject to these conditions is a unique number.
2.  The map is owned by the Card Issuer and the Cardholder shall only be entitled to the same pozlva.
3.  Each map Enikom M is valid 24 months from the date of issuance her use of the card after the expiry of its validity, or after declaring it invalid for any reason is prohibited.
4.  Cardholder is aware of the purpose of the map Enikom as sredstavo Cardholder to use certain discounts upon purchase of goods specified by the Card Issuer.
5.  In case of loss, theft or removal otherwise, destruction, tampering or other unauthorized use of the Card or perform operations with the card is not approved by the Cardholder, he undertakes to immediately notify the Card Issuer, but necessarily in writing.  The latter is obliged to immediately block the use of the Card.


A.  Map Enikom M can be used to obtain discounts on goods sold in retail outlets for Enikom M Ltd.;
2.  Discounts for loyal customers who provide the Cardholder Enikom Map of M are obtained under the following conditions:
  a.  When accumulation of purchases worth 500 lev card entitles a 3% discount for each purchase of a device outside promotion.  When you first purchase was worth over 500 lev, a 3% discount applies to this acquisition, including;
b.  When accumulation of purchases worth more than 6000 lev card entitles a 5% discount for each purchase of a device outside promotion.  When you first purchase is worth more than 6000 lev, a 5% discount applies to this acquisition, including;
c.  When accumulation of purchases of over 15 000.  The card entitles a discount of 8% vskyaka purchase the article outside promotion.  When you first purchase worth over 15 000 lev, discount of 8% applies to this acquisition, including.
* Note: to purchase given direct sale or contract with an advance corresponding to the amount needed to reach the limit!
3.  Free services provided by M Enikom under certain conditions, are not treated as a promotional offer and can be combined with discounts for loyal customers.
4.  Accumulation of turnover kartatav possible only in its performance when making the purchase.
5.  Restoration of lost membership card is free.  Accumulated speed is maintained.  The loss of the club card please contact Customer Information at some commercial sites Enikom M.
6.  For change of address please contact the Information Department;
7.  Club members who have made purchases within two years lose their rights.
8.  Enikom M reserves the right to improve and change the conditions of membership in a club Enikom M.
9.  The discount can only pozlva goods participating in other price reductions.


A.  Map Enikom M is free of charge.

Considering that these Terms are not limited to time, Issuer shall have the right to change them.  Cardholder shall be notified of changes by sending an email of this fact by e-mail address or mobile phone to the Cardholder.

With the - best wishes
Enikom M