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Payment in Epay.bg (maps Borica, EUROLINE, Maestro, MasterCard, VISA, TBICredit)
If you have a debit or credit card issued by Bulgarian or international bank, you can pay through the system Epay.bg.  By selecting this method of payment will be redirected to the page Epay.bg where you must enter your username and password and confirm plashtaneto.Tryabva to follow all the steps to be returned to the site of GET.BG and register contract  The contract will be executed after receipt of the transfer to our bank account.  Upon receipt of the goods do not owe anything to the courier.
For more information and registration Epay.bg can be obtained from www.epay.bg


BORICA offers 24 continuous, fast and convenient access to your money in the country from all ATMs (ATMs) connected to the card system.  Your security is extremely important both for us and the bank that issued your card.

The security card system is provided by Borica through both technical means and by your Personal Identification Number (PIN).  The personal identification number is a secret four-digit code provided by your bank with your card.  You should know that every transaction you do with your card requires a PIN code from the keyboard of the terminal - ATM or POS terminal by Borica care since its introduction, it can be encrypted with modern technology.  PIN is known only to you and he has the power of electronic signature.

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